1. Lizard

    Bat II H9 - Skin Grey/White

    Bat is the new Lizard sandal ideal for natural running and all the outdoor activities.
  2. Lizard

    Bat Kiva H8 - Etno Lime


    Barefoot all terrains sandals - comfortable sandal with a captivating look t wear also evry day in the city

  3. Lizard

    Creek IV - Seed Black


    Lizard Creek IV, extremely lightweight with outstanding grip and great comfort, ideal for all the activities that bring you in contact with water. 

  4. Lizard

    FullSoul Sandal

    Lizard FullSoul Sandal, ultra-minimalist sandal, made of one single piece of thin leather.
  5. Lizard

    Hex H2o - Skin Dark Grey

    Lizard Hex H20 sandal is ideal for outdoor activities, hiking and water sports.
  6. Lizard

    Hike - Glass Grey


    Hike, the Lizard sandal lightweight, essential and durable for hiking and outdoor activities.

  7. Lizard

    Roll Up Sandalo - Green/Orange

    Roll Up the Packable Sandal
  8. Lizard

    Roll Up Sandalo - Grey/Orange

    Roll Up the Packable Sandal