Six Jibe Swimming

Introduction to swimming   

Swimming, today considered an olympic sport, is an ancient discipline of which we find multiple evidence in stone-age graffiti.

Modern swimming is considered the quintessential physical activity in water environments.

The main goal, when swimming, is to reduce friction to a minimum during propulsion and to maintain maximum flotation.

Physiologically, swimming stimulates the majority of our muscles in the absence of gravity, this makes it unique for physical wellbeing as well as turning it into the ultimate aerobic sport, except during sprint phases.

All swimming styles share both an active and a passive phase; the active or propulsive phase is the technique which allows swimmers to push water away from the body, the passive phase is the technique that restores proper alignment of the limbs.

Swimming is practiced both at amateur and professional levels, in swimming pools or open water.

During professional or technical swimming, starting at the pool edge is vital, and it's done from specific starting blocks placed on the edge of the pool.

Research for increasingly improved performances has developed innovative technologies for race or competition swimsuits, featuring top compression and insulation fabrics.

Swimming accessories boast advanced technologies too, aimed at increasing the athlete's performance.